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-- July 2020: Happy to announce the launch of The Spanish Network of AI for Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science.

-- June 2020: Congrats to Roberto Rodiño for successfully defending his undegrad

thesis on deep learning for nanophotonics!

-- June 2020: Our paper on generating Weyl nodes in cubic crystal structures is

now published!

-- Feb. 2020: We just launched our course on artificial intelligence for scientists!

-- Feb. 2020: Our paper on deep learning for nanophotonics is now published!

-- Feb. 2020: Our session “Artificial Intelligence for Condensed Matter Physics” in

CMD2020GEFES is open for abstract submission!

-- July 2019: Just presented our latest results at META 2019!

-- March 2019: Our work on the QED of photonic Weyl points is now up!

-- Feb. 2019: We’re presenting our latest results on the QED of Weyl points

at 2019 APS March Meeting!

-- Feb. 2019: Just presented our results at MIT’s Physics Department!

-- July 2018: Congrats to Iñaki García for successfully defending his Master Thesis!

-- June 2018: Our work on highly efficient THz lasers just got published in PNAS!

-- April 2018:  Our work on generating Weyl semimetals from alkali metals is now up!

-- Nov. 2017:  Our work on multiline operation from a single plasmon-assisted laser appears in ACS Photonics!

Jorge Bravo-Abad   

Associate Professor

Condensed Matter Theory Department

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Contact Information:

Facultad de Ciencias,

Modulo 05, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid,

Campus de Cantoblanco, E-28049 Madrid,

Email: jorge.bravo@uam.es