Prof. Juan Carlos Cuevas

Theoretical Nanophysics @ UAM

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NEWS: January 20th (2022), My book "Problemas Resueltos de Física Moderna", the solutions manual of "Física Moderna", is now available in Amazon --- January 5th (2022), My book "Física Moderna", an introduction to modern physics, is now available in Amazon --- December 2nd (2021), Our work on the use of deep learning for radiative heat transfer has been published today in Physical Review Applied --- July 8th (2021), Our new work on the spin-dependent tunneling between Yu-Shiba-Rusinov states has been published today in Physical Review Research --- June 16th (2021), Our review article on the near field radiative heat transfer in many-body systems hs been published today in Reviews of Modern Physics --- June 3rd (2021), Our work on Yu-Shiba-Rusinov bound states in graphene has been highlighted in the cover of Advanced Materials --- Read more about these news here.