Prof. Juan Carlos Cuevas

Theoretical Nanophysics @ UAM

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NEWS: December 19th (2023), Our paper on shaping graphene superconductivity with nanometer precision appeared today in Small --- October 26th (2023), Our paper on the microwave-induced conductance replicas in hybrid Josephson junctions without Floquet-Andreev states was published today in Nature Communications --- October 25th (2023), Our work on phase-enginnering the Andreev band structure of a three-terminal Josephson junctions just appeared today in Nature Communications --- October 25th (2023), Our paper on the photon-assisted tunneling through Yu-Shiba-Rusinov states was published today in Nature Communications --- September 27th (2023), Our work on the DC Josephson effect in a double-impurity system featuring YSR states is now available in Physical Review B --- September 11th (2023), Our work on full counting statistics of the charge transport through YSR states has been published today in Physical Review Research --- August 17th (2023), Our work on the universal scaling of tunable Yu-Shiba-Rusinov states across the quantum phase transition is not published in Communications Physics --- May 24th (2023), Our work on the observation of the nonreciprocal magnon Hanle effect appeared today in Physical Review Letters --- Read more about these news here.