Prof. Juan Carlos Cuevas

Theoretical Nanophysics @ UAM

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NEWS: August 17th (2020), Our work on backbone charge transport in double-stranded DNA appeared today online in Nature Nanotechnology --- August 5th (2020), Our two papers on the relation between radiative heat transfer and heat conduction were published today back to back in Physical Review B --- July 27th (2020), Our work on the tunneling between superconducting bound states at the atomic scale appeared today online in Nature Physics --- July 24th (2020), Our work on the Josephson effect in a high transmission atomic contact has been published today in Communications Physics --- June 29th (2020), Our work on the interplay between Yu-Shiba-Rusinov states and multiple Andreev reflections has been published today in Physical Review B --- May 13th (2020), Our work on topological Josephson matter has been published today in Physical Review Letters --- April 17th (2020), Our work on microwave-assisted transport in superconducting STM-based junctions is now available in Physical Review B --- April 16th (2020), Our work on dynamical Coulomb blockade in atomic-scale contacts has been published in Physical Review Letters --- August 2nd (2019), Our work showing that a protein junction can behave as a current switch has been highlighted in a cover in Angewandte Chemie --- July 26th (2019), My comment on the thermal radiation of subwavelength objects has been published in Nature Communications --- Read more about these news here.