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Forces and Transport in Nanostructures


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Submitted Publications


189.Jaime Carracedo-Cosme, Carlos Romero-Muñiz and Rubén Pérez
A Deep Learning Approach for Molecular Classification Based on AFM Images
Nanomaterials 11, 1658 (2021).     (DOI link)    (pdf)

188. Aitor Zambudio, Enrico Gnecco, Jaime Colchero, Rubén Pérez, Julio Gómez-Herrero, Cristina Gómez-Navarro
Fine defect engineering of graphene friction
Carbon 182, 735 (2021).     (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

187. Alberto Marín-González, J. G. Vilhena, Rubén Pérez, Fernando Moreno-Herrero
A molecular view of DNA flexibility
Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics 54, 1--20 (2021).     (DOI link)    (pdf)

186. Carlos Romero-Muñiz, María Ortega, Jose G. Vilhena, Rubén Pérez, Juan C. Cuevas, and Linda A. Zotti
The Role of Metal Ions in the Electron Transport through Azurin-Based Junctions
App. Sci. 11, 3732 (2021).     (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

185. J. G. Vilhena, María Ortega, Manuel R. Uhlig, Ricardo Garcia, Rubén Pérez
Practical Guide to Single-Protein AFM Nanomechanical Spectroscopy Mapping: Insights and Pitfalls As Unraveled by All-Atom MD Simulations on Immunoglobulin G
ACS Sensors 6, 553 (2021).     (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

184. Carlos Romero-Muñiz, María Ortega, J. G. Vilhena, Ismael Diéz-Pérez, Rubén Pérez, Juan Carlos Cuevas, Linda A. Zotti
Can Electron Transport through a Blue-Copper Azurin Be Coherent? An Ab Initio Study
J. Phys. Chem. C 125, 1693 (2021).     (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

183. Mariano D. Jiménez-Sánchez, Carlos Romero-Muñiz, Pablo Pou, Rubén Pérez, José M. Gómez-Rodríguez
Graphene on Rh(111): A template for growing ordered arrays of metal nanoparticles with different periodicities
Carbon 173, 1073 (2021).    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)


182. Tomoko K. Shimizu, Carlos Romero-Muñiz, Oleksandr Stetsovych, Jaime Carracedo-Cosme, Michael Ellner, Pablo Pou, Koji Oohora, Takashi Hayashi, Rubén Pérez, and Oscar Custance
Effect of Molecule-Substrate Interactions on the Adsorption of meso-Dibenzoporphycene Tautomers Studied by Scanning Probe Microscopy and First-Principles Calculations
J. Phys. Chem. C 124, 26759 (2020).     (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

181. Alberto Marín-González, César L. Pastrana, Clara Aicart-Ramos, Mikel Marin-Baquero, Alejandro Martín-González, Maarit Suomalainen, Abhilash Kannan, J. G. Vilhena, Urs F. Greber, Fernando Moreno-Herrero, Rubén Pérez
Double-stranded RNA bending by AU-tract sequences
Nucleic Acids Research 48, 12917 (2020).     (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

180. Jalmar Tschakert, Qigang Zhong, Daniel Martin-Jimenez, Jaime Carracedo-Cosme, Carlos Romero-Muñiz, Pascal Henkel, Tobias Schlöder, Sebastian Ahles, Doreen Mollenhauer, Hermann A. Wegner, Pablo Pou, Rubén Pérez, André Schirmeisen, Daniel Ebeling
Surface-controlled reversal of the selectivity of halogen bonds
Nature Communications 11, 5630 (2020).     (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

179. Alberto Marín-González, César L. Pastrana, Rebeca Bocanegra, Alejandro Martín-González, J. G. Vilhena, Rubén Pérez, Borja Ibarra, Clara Aicart-Ramos, Fernando Moreno-Herrero
Understanding the paradoxical mechanical response of in-phase A-tracts at different force regimes
Nucleic Acids Research 48, 524 (2020).     (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

178. Carlos Romero-Muñiz, Pablo Pou, Rubén Pérez
Induced Magnetism in Oxygen-Decorated N-Doped Graphene
Carbon 159, 102-109 (2020).     (DOI link)    (pdf)

177. Rémy Pawlak, J. G. Vilhena, Philipp D'Astolfo, Xunshan Liu, Giacomo Prampolini, Tobias Meier, Thilo Glatzel, Justin A Lemkul, Robert Häner, Silvio Decurtins, Alexis Baratoff, Rubén Pérez, Shi-Xia Liu, Ernst Meyer
Sequential Bending And Twisting Around CC Single Bonds by Mechanical Lifting of a Pre-Adsorbed Polymer
Nano Letters 20, 652 (2020).     (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)


176. Matthias Vorholzer, J. G. Vilhena, Ruben Perez, Enrico Gnecco, Dirk Dietzel, André, Schirmeisen
Temperature activates contact ageing in silica nanocontacts
Phys. Rev. X 9, 041045 (2019).     (DOI link)    (pdf)

175. Alberto Marin-Gonzalez, J. G. Vilhena, Fernando Moreno-Herrero, Ruben Perez
Sequence-dependent mechanical properties of double-stranded RNA
Nanoscale 11, 21471 (2019).     (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

174. María Ortega, J. G. Vilhena, Linda A. Zotti, Ismael Diéz-Pérez, Juan Carlos Cuevas, Rubén Pérez
Tuning Structure and Dynamics of Blue Copper Azurin Junctions via Single Amino-Acid Mutations
Biomolecules 9, 611 (2019).     (DOI link)    (pdf)

173. Carlos Romero-Muñiz, María Ortega, J. G. Vilhena, Ismael Diéz-Pérez, Juan Carlos Cuevas, Rubén Pérez, Linda A. Zotti
Mechanical Deformation and Electronic Structure of a Blue Copper Azurin in a Solid-State Junction
Biomolecules 9, 506 (2019).     (DOI link)    (pdf)

172. Luis Miguel Moreno-Ramírez, Carlos Romero-Muñiz, Jia Yan Law, Victorino Franco, Alejandro Conde, Iliya Radulov, Fernando Maccari, Konstantin P. Skokovc, Oliver Gutfleisch
Tunable first order transition in La(Fe,Cr,Si)13 compounds: Retaining magnetocaloric response despite a magnetic moment reduction
Acta Materialia 175, 406 (2019).     (DOI link)    (pdf)

171. María Ruth Martínez Casado, Giuseppe Mallia, Nicholas Harrison, Ruben Perez
First principles calculations on the clean and defective (101) anatase surface and upon hydrogen and H2Pc adsorption: the influence of electronic exchange and correlation and of basis set approximations.
Frontiers in Chemistry 7, 220 (2019).     (DOI link)    (pdf)

170. Maria Ortega, J. G. Vilhena, Pamela Rubio-Pereda, P. A. Serena, Ruben Perez
Assessing the accuracy of different solvation models to describe protein adsorption
J. Chem. Theory Comput. 15, 2548 (2019).     (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

169. Remy Pawlak, J. G. Vilhena, Antoine Hinaut, Tobias Meier, Thilo Glatzel, Alexis Baratoff, Enrico Gnecco, Ruben Perez, Ernst Meyer
Conformation and cryo-force spectroscopy to probe intra-molecular elastic properties of single-strand DNA on gold
Nature Communications 10, 685 (2019).    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

168. Alberto Marín-González, J. G. Vilhena, Fernando Moreno-Herrero Ruben Perez:
DNA crookedness: a structural code imprinted in the genome for regulating DNA mechanical properties at short length scales
Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 048102 (2019).    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)    Research Highlight in Nature Reviews Physics

167. Michael Ellner, Pablo Pou, and Rubén Pérez
Molecular identifcation, bond order discrimination and apparent intermolecular features in atomic force microscopy studied with a charge density based method
ACS Nano 13, 786−795 (2019).    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)


166. Carlos Romero-Muñiz, María Ortega, J. G. Vilhena, Ismael Díez-Pérez, Juan Carlos Cuevas, Rubén Pérez, Linda A. Zotti
Ab-initio Electronic Structure Calculations of Entire Blue Copper Azurins
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 20, 30392 (2018).    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

165. Carlos Romero-Muñiz, Ayako Nakata, Pablo Pou, David R. Bowler, Tsuyoshi Miyazaki, Rubén Pérez
High-accuracy large-scale DFT calculations using localized orbitals in complex electronic systems: The case of graphene-metal interfaces
J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 30, 505901 (2018).    (DOI link)    (pdf)

164. Milica Todorovic, Oleksandr Stetsovych, César Moreno, Tomoko K. Shimizu, Óscar Custance, and Rubén Pérez
Pentacene/TiO2 anatase hybrid interface study by scanning probe microscopy and first principles calculations
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 10, 34718 (2018).    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

163. J. G. Vilhena and Rubén Pérez
Slippery in every direction
Nature Materials 17, 852-854 (2018). (News & Views)    (DOI link)    (pdf)

162. Luis Miguel Moreno-Ramírez, Carlos Romero-Muñiz, Jia Yan Law, Victorino Franco, Alejandro Conde, Iliya Radulov, Fernando Maccari, Konstantin P. Skokovc, Oliver Gutfleisch
The role of Ni in modifying the order of the phase transition of La(Fe,Ni,Si)13
Acta Materialia 160, 137 (2018).    (DOI link)    (pdf)

161. Ruth Martínez-Casado, Giuseppe Mallia, Nicholas M. Harrison, Rubén Pérez
First Principles Study of the Water Adsorption on Anatase (101) as a Function of the Coverage
J. Phys. Chem. C 122, 20736 (2018).    (DOI link)    (pdf)

160. Lucía Rodrigo, Pablo Pou, Ruth Martínez-Casado, Antonio J. Martínez-Galera, José M. Gómez-Rodríguez, Rubén Pérez
Characterizing self-assembled molecular layers on weakly interacting substrates: the role of the van der Waals and the chemical interactions
Nano Futures 2, 045002 (2018).    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

159. Carlos Romero-Muñiz, Denís Paredes-Roibás, Concepción López, Antonio Hernanz, José María Gavira-Vallejo
Assignment of the Raman Spectrum of Benzylic Amide [2]Catenane: Raman Microscopy Experiments and First-Principles Calculations
J. Phys. Chem. C 122, 18102 (2018).    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

158. Carlos Romero-Muñiz, Ana Martín-Recio, Pablo Pou, José M. Gómez-Rodríguez, Rubén Pérez
Substrate-induced enhancement of the chemical reactivity in metal-supported graphene
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 20, 19492 (2018).    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

157. I. D. Marion, D. Capeta, B. Pielic, F. Faraguna, A. Gallardo, P. Pou, B. Biel, N. Vujicic, M. Kralj
Characterization of atomic-scale defects and electronic properties of synthesized MoS2 monolayer.
Nanotechnology 29 305703 (2018)    (DOI link)    (pdf)

156. C. Romero-Muñiz, A. Martín-Recio, P. Pou, J. M. Gómez-Rodríguez, R. Pérez
Unveiling the atomistic mechanisms for oxygen intercalation in a strongly interacting graphene-metal interface.
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 20 13370 (2018)    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

155. A. Martín-Recio, C. Romero-Muñiz, P. Pou, R. Pérez, J. M. Gómez-Rodríguez
Combining nitrogen substitutional defects and oxygen intercalation to control the graphene corrugation and doping level.
Carbon 130 362 (2018)    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

154. J. G. Vilhena, E. Gnecco, R. Pawlak, F. Moreno-Herrero, E. Meyer, R. Pérez
Stick-Slip Motion of ssDNA over Graphene.
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 122 840 (2018)    (DOI link)    (pdf)


153. M. Ruiz, A. Aragonés, N. Camarero, J. G. Vilhena, M. Ortega, L. Zotti, R. Pérez, J. C. Cuevas, P. Gorostiza, I. Díez-Pérez
Bioengineering a Single-Protein Wire
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 15337 (2017)    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

152. M. Ellner, P. Pou, R. Pérez
Atomic force microscopy contrast with CO functionalized tips in hydrogen-bonded molecular layers: Does the real tip charge distribution play a role?
Physical Review B 96 075418 (2017)    (DOI link)    (pdf)

151. J. J. Mazo, D. Dietzel, A. Schirmeisen, J. G. Vilhena, E. Gnecco
Time Strengthening of Crystal Nanocontacts.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 118 246101 (2017)    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

150. A. Marín-González, J. G. Vilhena, R. Pérez, F. Moreno-Herrero
Double stranded DNA and RNA under constant stretching forces: atomistic insights from microsecond-long molecular dynamics.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA (PNAS) 112 7049 (2017)    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

149. P. Rubio-Pereda, J. G. Vilhena, N. Takeuchi, P. A. Serena, R. Pérez
Albumin (BSA) adsorption onto graphite stepped surfaces.
Journal of Chemical Physics 146 214704 (2017)    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

148. L. A. Zotti, R. Pérez
Platinum atomic contacts: from tunneling to contact.
Physical Review B 95 125438 (2017)    (DOI link)    (pdf)

147. A. Yurtsever, D. Fernández-Torre, J. Onoda, M. Abe, S. Morita, Y. Sugimotoa, R. Pérez
The local electronic properties of individual Pt atoms adsorbed on TiO2(110) studied by Kelvin probe force microscopy and first-principles simulations.
Nanoscale 9 5812 (2017)    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

146. G. López-Polín, M. Ortega, J. G. Vilhena, I. Alda, J. Gómez-Herrero, P. A. Serena, C. Gómez-Navarro, R. Pérez
Tailoring the thermal expansion of graphene via controlled defect creation.
Carbon 116 670 (2017)    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

145. C. Romero-Muñiz, V. Franco, A. Conde
Two different critical regimes enclosed in the Bean-Rodbell model and their implications in the field dependence and universal scaling of the magnetocaloric effect.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 3582 (2017)    (DOI link)    (pdf)


144. M. M. Ugeda, A. J. Bradley, L. Rodrigo, M. Yu, W. Liu, P. Doak, A. Riss, J. B. Neaton, T. D. Tilley, R. Pérez, M. F. Crommie
Covalent Functionalization of GaP(110) Surfaces via a Staudinger-Type Reaction with Perfluorophenyl Azide.
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 26448-26452 (2016)    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

143. C. Romero-Muñiz, R. Tamura, S. Tanaka, V. Franco
Applicability of scaling behavior and power laws in the analysis of the magnetocaloric effect in second-order phase transition materials.
Physical Review B 94 134401 (2016)    (DOI link)    (pdf)

142. A. Martín-Recio, C. Romero-Muñiz, P. Pou, R. Pérez, J. M. Gómez-Rodríguez
Purely substitutional nitrogen on graphene/Pt(111) unveiled by STM and first principles calculations.
Nanoscale 8 17686 (2016)    (DOI link)    (pdf)

141. J. G. Vilhena, A. C. Dumitru, E. T. Herruzo, J. I. Mendieta-Moreno, R. García, P. A. Serena, Rubén Pérez
Adsorption Orientations and Immunological Recognition of Antibodies on Graphene.
Nanoscale 8 13463 (2016)    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

140. B. de la Torre, M. Ellner, P. Pou, N. Nicoara, R. Pérez, J. M. Gómez-Rodríguez
Atomic-scale variations of the mechanical response of 2D materials detected by noncontact atomic force microscopy.
Physical Review Letters 116 245502 (2016)    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

139. P. G. Lustemberg, Y. Pan, B.-J. Shaw, D. Grinter, Chi Pang, G. Thornton, R. Pérez, M. V. Ganduglia-Pirovano, N. Nilius
Diffusion barriers block defect occupation on reduced CeO2(111).
Physical Review Letters 116 236101 (2016)    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

138. H. González-Herrero, P. Pou, J. Lobo-Checa, D. Fernández-Torre, F. Craes, A. J. Martínez-Galera, M. M. Ugeda, M. Corso, E. Ortega, J. M. Gómez-Rodríguez, R. Pérez, I. Brihuega
Graphene tunable transparency to tunneling electrons: A direct tool to measure the local coupling.
ACS Nano 10 5131 (2016)    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

137. J. G. Vilhena, C. Pimentel, P. Pedraz, F. Luo, P. A. Serena, C. Pina, E. Gnecco, R. Pérez
Atomic-Scale Sliding Friction on Graphene in Water.
ACS Nano 10 4288 (2016)    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

136. L. Rodrigo, P. Pou, R. Pérez
Graphene monovacancies: electronic and mechanical properties from large scale ab initio simulations
Carbon 103 200 (2016)    (DOI link)    (pdf)

135. M. Ellner, N. Pavlicek, P. Pou, B. Schuler, N. Moll, G. Meyer, L. Gross, R. Pérez
The electric field of CO tips and its relevance for atomic force microscopy.
Nano Letters 16 1974 (2016)    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

134. Carlos Romero-Muñiz, Ana Martín-Recio, Pablo Pou, Jose María Gómez-Rodríguez, Rubén Pérez
Strong Dependence of Flattening and Decoupling of Graphene on Metals on the Local Distribution of Intercalated Oxygen Atoms.
Carbon 101 129 (2016)    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

133. J. G. Vilhena, Pamela Rubio-Pereda, Perceval Vellosillo, P. A. Serena, Rubén Pérez
Albumin (BSA) adsorption over graphene in aqueous environment: Influence of orientation, adsorption protocol and solvent treatment.
Langmuir 32 1742-1755 (2016)    (DOI link)    (pdf)

132. Krzysztof Kosmider, Veronika Brázdová, M. Verónica Ganduglia-Pirovano, Rubén Pérez
Do Au Atoms Titrate Ce3+ Ions at the CeO_2-x(111) Surface?.
J. Phys. Chem. C 120 927-933 (2016)    (DOI link)    (pdf)

131. Harry Mönig, Diego R. Hermoso, Oscar Díaz Arado, Milica Todorović, Alexander Timmer, Simon Schüer, Gernot Langewisch, Ruben Perez, Harald Fuchs
Sub-Molecular Imaging by Non-Contact Atomic Force Microscopy with an Oxygen Atom Rigidly Connected to a Metallic Probe.
ACS Nano 10 1201-1209 (2016)    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

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130. D. Miguel, L. Álvarez de Cienfuegos, A. Martín-Lasanta, S. P. Morcillo, L. A. Zotti, E. Leary, M. Bürkle, Y. Asai, R. Jurado, D. J. Cárdenas, G. Rubio-Bollinger, N. Agraït, J. M. Cuerva, M. Teresa González
Toward Multiple Conductance Pathways with Heterocycle-Based Oligo(phenyleneethynylene) Derivatives
Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 13818−13826 (2015)    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

129. R. García, M. Ángeles Herranz, E. Leary, M. Teresa González, G. Rubio Bollinger, M. Bürkle, L. A. Zotti, Y. Asai, F. Pauly, J. C. Cuevas, N. Agraït, N. Martín
Single-molecule conductance of a chemically modified,π-extended tetrathiafulvalene and its charge-transfer complex with F4TCNQ
Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry 11 1068-1078 (2015)    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

128. Chi M. Yim, Chi L. Pang, Diego R. Hermoso, Coinneach Dover, Christopher A. Muryn, Francesco Maccherozzi, Sarnjeet S. Dhesi, Rubén Pérez, Geoff Thornton
Influence of Support Morphology on the Bonding of Molecules to Nanoparticles.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA (PNAS) 112 7903–7908 (2015)    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

127. Shiro Yamazaki, Keisuke Maeda, Yoshiaki Sugimoto, Masayuki Abe, Vladimır Zoba, Pablo Pou, Lucia Rodrigo, Pingo Mutombo, Ruben Perez, Pavel Jelınek, Seizo Morita
Interplay between switching driven by the tunneling current and atomic force of a~bistable four-atom Si quantum dot by means of scanning probe microscopy.
Nano Letters 15 4356 (2015)    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

126. Ana Martín-Recio, Carlos Romero-Muñiz, Antonio J. Martínez-Galera, Pablo Pou, Rubén Pérez, Jose María Gómez-Rodríguez
Tug-of-War between Corrugation and Binding Energy: Revealing the Formation of Multiple Moiré Patterns on a Strongly Interacting Graphene-Metal System.
Nanoscale 7 11300-11309 (2015).    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

125. Oleksandr Stetsovych, Milica Todorovic, Tomoko K. Shimizu, Cesar Moreno, James William Ryan, Carmen Perez Leon, Keisuke Sagisaka, Emilio Palomares, Vladimir Matolin, Daisuke Fujita, Ruben Perez, Oscar Custance
Atomic species identification at the (101) anatase surface by simultaneous scanning tunnelling and atomic force microscopy.
Nature Communications 6 7265 (2015).    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

124. Mehmet Z. Baykara, Milica Todorović, Harry Mönig,Todd C. Schwendemann, Lucia Rodrigo, Eric I. Altman, Rubén Pérez, Udo D. Schwarz
Simultaneous Measurement of Multiple Independent Atomic-Scale Interactions Using Scanning Probe Microscopy: Data Interpretation and the Effect of Cross-Talk
J. Phys. Chem. C 119 6670–6677 (2015).    (DOI link)    (pdf)

123. Delia Fernández-Torre, Ayhan Yurtsever, Jo Onoda, Masayuki Abe, Seizo Morita, Yoshiaki Sugimoto, Rubén Pérez
Pt atoms adsorbed on TiO2(110)-(1×1) studied with noncontact atomic force microscopy and first-principles simulations
Physical Review B 91 075401 (1-8) (2015).    (DOI link)    (pdf)

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122. Anna L Pinardi, Giulio Biddau, Kees van De Ruit, Gonzalo Otero-Irurueta, Sara Gardonio, Silvano Lizzit, Robert Schennach, Cees F. J. Flipse, Maria F. Loopez, Javier Mendez, Ruben Perez, Jose A. Martin-Gago
Vacancy formation on C60/Pt (111): unraveling the complex atomistic mechanism.
Nanotecnology 25 385602 (1-13) (2014).    (DOI link)    (pdf)

121. Delia Fernandez-Torre, Javier Carrasco, M. Veronica Ganduglia-Pirovano, Rubén Pérez
Hydrogen activation, diffusion, and clustering on CeO2(111): A DFT+U study
Journal of Chemocal Physics 141 014703 (1-9) (2014).    (DOI link)    (pdf)

120. P. Merino, L. Rodrigo, A. L. Pinardi, J. Méndez, M. F. Lopez, P. Pou, R. Pérez, J. A. Martin-Gago
Sublattice Localized Electronic States in Atomically Resolved Graphene-Pt(111) Edge-Boundaries
ACS Nano 8 3590-3596 (2014).    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

119. J. Carrasco, G. Vilé, D. Fernández-Torre, R. Pérez, J. Pérez-Ramírez, M. V. Ganduglia-Pirovano
Molecular-Level Understanding of CeO2 as a Catalyst for Partial Alkyne Hydrogenation
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118, 5352-5360 (2014).    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)
(Issue Cover)

118. R. Pérez
Nanoscale Friction: Distorted by the tip
Nature Materials 13, 118-119 (2014) (News & Views).    (DOI link)    (pdf)

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117. H. Mönig, M. Todorović, M. Z. Baykara, T. C. Schwendemann, L. Rodrigo, E. I. Altman, R. Perez, U. D. Schwarz
Understanding Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Contrast Mechanisms on Metal Oxides: A Case Study
ACS Nano 7, 10233 (2013).    (DOI link)    (pdf)

116. C. Sanchez-Sanchez, J. I. Martinez, V. Lanzilotto, G. Biddau, B. Gómez-Lor, R. Pérez, L. Floreano, M. F. Lopez, J. A. Martin-Gago
Chemistry and temperature-assisted dehydrogenation of C60H30 molecules on TiO2(110) surfaces
Nanoscale 5, 11058--11065 (2013).    (DOI link)    (pdf)

115. Y. Sugimoto, M. Ondrácek, M. Abe, P. Pou, S. Morita, R. Pérez, F. Flores, P. Jelínek
Quantum Degeneracy in Atomic Point Contacts Revealed by Chemical Force and Conductance
Physiscal Review Letters 111, 106803 (2013).    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)
(Editors' Suggestion)

114. Y. Sugimoto, A. Yurtsever, M. Abe, S. Morita, M. Ondrácek, P. Pou, R. Pérez, P. Jelínek
Role of Tip Chemical Reactivity on Atom Manipulation Process in Dynamic Force Microscopy
ACS Nano 7, 7370-7376 (2013).    (DOI link)    (pdf)    (supp. info)

113. M. Z. Baykara, M. Todorović, H. Mönig, T. C. Schwendemann, Ö. Ünverdi, L. Rodrigo, E. I. Altman, R. Perez, U. D. Schwarz
Atom-specific forces and defect identification on surface-oxidized Cu(100) with combined 3D-AFM and STM measurements
Physical Review B 87 , 155414 (2013).    (DOI link)    (pdf)
(Editor's Suggestion)

112. A. Yurtsever, Y. Sugimoto, H. Tanaka, M. Abe, S. Morita, M. Ondrácek, P. Pou, R. Pérez, P. Jelínek
Force mapping on a partially H-covered Si(111)-(7 times 7) surface: Influence of tip and surface reactivity
Physical Review B 87, 155403 (2013).    (DOI link)    (pdf)

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